Collar Family Vineyards was established in 2012 when Gary and Susan moved to Southern Oregon after living in Europe for nearly 10 years. During these years, they were able to travel across the continent tasting the best wine, meeting the local winemakers, and start cultivating their dream of a vineyard to call their own. 

After years of research, soil testing, and site searching, Susan and Gary went wine tasting in Southern Oregon while visiting family, and quickly fell in love and started making plans. The Rogue Valley region where they settled, provides the warmest and driest climate in the state, and is often compared to the Rioja region in Spain, making it ideal to start with Tempranillo and Syrah. After seeing how beautifully these vines were taking to the soil, they added Grenache to their vineyard in 2013. 


 Collar Family Vineyards is family-run and family-operated, by Susan, Gary, their three daughters, and Vineyard dog Brunello. They also rely on close friends and family to ensure harvests run smoothly, and winemaker Linda Donovan to ensure the wine ages to the finest standards. The Collar family and the amazing team at Pallet Wine Company cannot wait for you to enjoy their wines and taste the love in every sip.

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